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Diamond Peel Microderm: In the Quest for Youthful, Vibrant Skin

Men and women share a common vision: a desire to look their best, regardless of age. Traditional options, ranging from laser techniques to cosmetic surgery, may not be right for you. Perhaps they are inconvenient, invasive, or just too expensive. Controlled microdermabrasion is a new science in skin care that uses finely cut, diamond-tipped wands to remove damaged cells. In this advanced procedure, various wand sizes and levels of coarseness are used to sand down skin irregularities and delivers customized line reduction. Crow’s feet, small lip lines, forehead wrinkles, and smile creases are given special attention.

This new, exciting process bridges the gap between light treatments such as enzyme peels and more invasive laser, TCA, and phenol peels. This modern holistic option is the ultimate advancement in non-invasive skin conditioning, one that removes damaged skin cells and increases the production of collagen.

We've heard a lot about the role collagen plays in giving our skin it's youthful suppleness and tautness. Unfortunately, collagen production slows down as we age. By the time we reach middle age, the metabolism of the skin has decreased by 50-75%. The old dead skin cells stay on the surface longer and give the complexion a dull appearance. This gentle microdermabrasion boosts the production of fresh, young collagen cells and leaves the skin revitalized.

The results from the Diamond Peel Procedure are immediate and there is no recovery time. Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished, and age spots fade to reveal a smooth, even texture and healthy glow. Acne scars can be improved, open pores reduced, and sun damage repaired. Whether you have a specific problem to correct or simply want to resurface and revitalize your skin for a healthy, youthful appearance, microdermabrasion may be the solution.


Youth in a Bottle

There's nothing mysterious about aging. We live intimately with the reality of it's effects every day. Yikes! But where and how does it begin? Only at the source can we find realistic ways to slow it's process...

Like every other process of breakdown in our complex bodies, the aging of our skin begins at the cellular level with free radical damage. A free radical is an extremely unstable molecule that has lost an electron: in order to 'heal' itself, it must steal an electron from a healthy molecule. This, of course, creates more free radicals (i.e.,damaged cells).

Free radicals are both natural by-products of our bodies and can be unleashed by external factors like sunlight, cigarette smoke, and air pollution. Whether from internal or external influences, they wreak havoc on collagen molecules, the molecules that play a key role in keeping our skin supple, taut, and youthful.

But there is a powerful defense system: antioxidants. The most powerful antioxidants are Vitamins A, E, and C, all plentiful in fresh fruits and vegetables. Whether they are ingested or applied topically, antioxidants join free radicals and render them harmless. When incorporated into products, antioxidants can actually help repair  the damaged collagen and thus improve or erase a wrinkle. Many salon treatments and peels are specially formulated with high levels of active ingredients that also repair, nourish, and build the immunity of the skin. This cutting-edge technology can reduce the visible signs of aging and leave a smooth, youthful glow.

As with anything else concerning our health and appearance, the approach should be well-balanced: Avoid the sun, cigarette smoke, and excessive alcohol consumption; drink 8 glasses of water a day; maintain a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables; avoid harsh soaps and moisturizers; and get plenty of exercise and sleep. A youthful appearance isn't found solely in a bottle. It requires a smart lifestyle and the boosts that scientific and technological breakthroughs can provide.

B.Best products are formulated with antioxidant vitamins, minerals, and active herbal and botanical essences which build the immunity of the skin and repair cell damage. When you use our products regularly your skin will have the energy to fight off free radical damage each and every day. Our Peptide Lift & Firm Anti-Aging Complex reduces wrinkle depth by 39% within 4 weeks! That does sound like "youth in a bottle," and if you mention our newsletter at the day spa, we will give you 10% off on this powerful antioxidant serum so you can see the difference. If you order on-line simply enter coupon code PLF101 on the checkout page.

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