Your Daily Skincare Step-by-Step Routine/Tips

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Welcome! We have developed a daily step-by-step routine designed to give you exactly what you want: beautiful radiant skin. It's easy to follow, it works, and it feels great! Follow our step-by-step routine and become aware of your skin's needs, then create your own routine. Our active formulas will help you target and correct problem skin conditions.

Let's face it: You need a skin care system that delivers results!

Our skin care philosophy is based on daily exfoliation, maximum hydration, and lots of serious antioxidant nutrition. Check out one of our skin care systems designed for your specific skin type or try our products a la carte. Enjoy!

Our Daily Step-by-Step Routine:


Step 1: Cleanse/Exfoliate

Gently cleanse using B.BEST AHA/BHA Exfoliant Cleanser. Apply with water, scrub in circular motions for one minute, and rinse. The acids do all the work of exfoliating surface buildup, so there is no need to use heavy pressure. To gently cleanse the eye area, or for a second complete cleanse, apply B.BEST Creme de la Creme Hydrant Cleanser with water, cleanse in circular motions, and rinse. This formula soothes and hydrates.

Step 2: Tone/Prepare

B.BEST toners are formulated to saturate the tissues with hydration, allowing your moisturizer and/or treatment product to be absorbed deeper into the pores and be more effective. Our toners contain antioxidants and corrective nutrients. They are free of alcohol, which dries the surface and is a skin irritant. Spray or apply toner with fingertips or a cotton pad. Feel free to apply your serum or moisturizer while the skin is still damp. There is no need to wait for the toner to dry.

  • B.BEST Eau de Ginseng Nutrient Toner delivers antioxidant nutrition and liquid collagen. It is excellent for all skin types.
  • B.BEST Beta Blend Astringent Toner will stop the oil slick immediately! It provides great spot treatment for combination skin and may be used all over for oily skin conditions.
  • B.BEST Ooh La La Lavender Hydrant Toner is excellent for dry or aging skin types and delivers ultimate hydration and an extra vitamin boost.

Step 3: Treat/Repair

Your skin is now ready to absorb high-performance treatments. B.BEST antioxidant-rich serums, firming complexes, and corrective treatments are formulated for specific needs. As appropriate, apply treatment product in small amounts to affected areas, or apply smoothly over your entire face and decollete according to the directions.

Step 4: Moisturize

All skin types need hydration for optimal health. B.BEST moisturizers are loaded with active ingredients and humectants that hold water in the tissues and increase flexibility. They are free of mineral oil, which clogs the pores, and perfume, which is a skin irritant. Apply to face and neck before applying sunscreen.

  • B.BEST Born Firm Anti-Aging Moisturizer is excellent for increasing hydration and delivering state-of-the-art firming ingredients to dry, normal, or dehydrated and aging skin types.
  • B.BEST Born Clear Light Moisturizer is oil-free and antibacterial. It is excellent for oily, problematic, or sensitive skin conditions.

Step 5: Protect

B.BEST Creme de Soleil SPF 30 Moisturizer provides light moisturization and protection from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. This product is not heavy or greasy and will not clog the pores. A small amount goes a long way. Normal to oily skin types may use this product alone during the day.

Oily or acneic types may use a small amount of B.BEST Born Clear Light Moisturizer followed by a light layer of B.BEST Creme de Soleil SPF 30 Moisturizer. Dry or aging skin types always need moisturizer followed by our SPF.

We recommend the B.BEST Born Firm Anti-Aging Moisturizer for a 70% increase in moisture and hydration or one of our treatment or anti-aging serums followed by our SPF.


Step 1: Cleanse/Exfoliate

Use B.BEST Creme de la Creme Hydrant Cleanser to remove makeup. Apply with water and use firm circular motions for one minute to work the cleanser into the skin. If you wear heavy makeup, follow with one more cleanse to remove any remaining residue. Rinse with water. It will remove mascara with gentle cleansing motions, but waterproof mascara will need the Gentle Eye Make Up Remover.

Oily or acne-prone skin may use B.BEST AHA/BHA Exfoliant Cleanser to dry out excess oil and remove debris. Twice per day is needed for killing bacteria and keeping pores clear and clean. If the skin becomes too dry or irritated, simply switch to the B.BEST Creme de la Creme Hydrant Cleanser. A balance between the two cleansers may be needed.

Step 2: Tone/Prepare

Spray or apply with fingertips or cotton pad. Use the same toner as you do during the day unless your skin requires a different formula in the evening.

Step 3: Treat/Repair

A different serum may be used in the evening depending on the condition of the skin and the desired results. Always hydrate the delicate eye area in the evening. B.BEST Super Firm Anti-Aging Eye & Throat Creme increases firmness by 36%! Don't forget the neck - no turkey neck, please!

Step 4: Moisturize/Protect

Finally, because so much repair work is done while we sleep, be sure to apply the moisturizer that best meets your needs for hydration and revitalization.

Please visit our Shop by Skin Type section for more information about the B.BEST products mentioned above. We also invite you to visit Best Face & Body Day Spa for an evaluation and assistance in selecting the products, treatments, and system that will help you achieve the result you want: healthy, radiant skin!

Note: We recommend a cleansing facial with steam and manual extractions every 30 days. You will notice the pores appear smaller and the texture of the skin has a more toned and refined appearance. When appropriate for the skin condition, we highly recommend a light Glycolic Peel each month to aid in the removal of dead cell buildup, to dry out active acne, or to provide anti-aging benefits by stimulating fresh collagen renewal.

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