New! Therma-Ultrasonic Cellulite Therapy

New! Therma-Ultrasonic Cellulite Therapy

Leave your cellulite behind!

Try our latest body-sculpting treatment now available at Best Face & Body Day Spa! Therma-Ultrasonic Cellulite Therapy utilizes several non-surgical treatment modalities to effectively target fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

How Does It Work? 

Ultrasonic sound vibrations penetrate the subcutaneous layers to break up and dissolve fat cells. Radio Frequency raises the internal temperature in the treatment area and energizes proteins to lift and firm the skin. Negative Pressure vacuums loosened fat and accelerates detoxification through the lymphatic system. Finally, LED Lipo Laser pads promote circulation and cell metabolism, leaving the skin looking smoother, firmer and more sculpted. 

What Results Can You Expect? 

After one session, metabolism will be accelerated and the fat dissolving process begins! You will see an improvement in the appearance of dimpled and saggy skin, especially when applied over multiple sessions. Optimal results will be achieved with 1–2 treatments per week for a total of 8–10 treatments.

Slimming effects may be enhanced by maintaining a healthy diet. Drinking plenty of water will further encourage the elimination of toxins. 

This treatment is not recommended if:

X You are pregnant or breastfeeding   
X You have a pacemaker 
X You have heart or vascular disease  

X You have metal implants 

Therma-Ultrasonic Cellulite Therapy

 Single Session (1 Hr)  $150
 Series of 4
 $520 ($130ea / Save $80)
 Series of 8
 $960 ($120ea / Save $240)


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