European Facials/Skin Care Treatments

Our European facial treatments are the ultimate pampering experiences, providing visible results and complete relaxation. All treatments are customized to ensure a healthy, radiant glow for each specific skin condition. Our exclusive product line will repair, nourish, and build the immunity of the skin. Enjoy!

The Best Deluxe Facial

This luxurious aromatic experience revitalizes the skin and soothes the spirit. The skin is cleansed, analyzed, and a glycolic scrub is applied to remove dead skin cells. Steam and extractions follow. Extensive European massage of chest, arms, shoulders, and neck is included. A warm paraffin hand treatment and a reflexology foot massage ensure total bliss. For the perfect ending, an antioxidant nutrient masque is applied to enrich the skin.

1 Hour, 15 Min. $100

The Pampering Spa Facial

This is the complete spa experience in just an hour—indulge yourself! The facial starts with skin analysis, cleansing, and a glycolic scrub to exfoliate. Steam and extractions follow along with European massage of the chest, neck, and shoulders. This delicious treatment includes a vitamin E eye masque, vitamin C lip treatment, and a Heated Seaweed Oil Hand Treatment. A deeply relaxing foot massage and a specially formulated hydration masque complete this pampering experience.

1 Hour $85

The "Cruise" Facial

A tropical vacation for your skin - Aloha! The trip begins with cleansing, skin analysis and a papaya enzyme treatment to exfoliate. European massage of the chest, neck, shoulders, and arms lulls you deeper into relaxation while the eyes receive a revitalizing vitamin E eye mask. Steam and extractions are included. A Pineapple Enzyme Foot Buff followed by a Foot Reflexology Treatment and a Heated Seaweed Oil Hand Treatment complete this journey to paradise. A nourishing and firming, antioxidant mask leaves the skin rejuvenated, and the body is completely relaxed from head to toe.

1 Hour, 15Min. $100

The Best Basic Facial

Our basic facial consists of skin analysis, glycolic scrub, steam and extractions, and a high-frequency treatment. European massage of chest, arms, shoulders, and neck relaxes tension and soothes away stress. An aromatherapy heated hand treatment delivers a hint of luxury, and a specially formulated hydration masque enriches the skin.

45 Min. $75

The Best Executive Facial

This “no frills” facial for the busy executive leaves your skin glowing within a short time frame. Cleansing, skin analysis, and a glycolic scrub exfoliation begin the treatment. Steam and extractions deep cleanse the pores, a high-frequency treatment is performed, and a specially formulated hydration masque is applied. No time is wasted, and your skin will glow. Excellent for those on the run and for men who just want an effective treatment without the extras.

30 Min. $60

The Best Acne Treatment/Teen Facial

Special consideration is given to properly prepare congested and inflamed skin conditions to ensure successful extractions. Our expert aestheticians will explain the process as they proceed to remove debris in a gentle and effective manner. Every precaution is taken to calm and soothe the skin after the extraction phase. Deep pore cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, steam and extractions, and high-frequency oxygenation are included. Our Cucumber Cooler and Aloe & Azulene Masque will soothe away redness if needed. The Glycolic Peel is included only when it is appropriate for the skin condition.

45 Min. $85
Series of Six $480

The Best Back Facial

This is a relaxing experience for body and mind. Lie down and drift away. The entire back receives a European body brushing treatment and a luxurious glycolic scrub. Steam, extractions, and a high-frequency treatment are included. An enriching masque is applied.

45 Min. $75

Facial Treatment Add-on's

  • Glycolic Peel: Face $25 Chest $25 Hands $25 Elbows $25
  • Oxygen Blast Treatment $35
  • Diamond Peel/Microdermabrasion:Face & Neck $75 Hands $75 Décolleté $75
  • Micro-Current Lifting $45
  • Specialty Masques $15

Body Treatment Add-on's

  • See All Body Treatment Add-on's
  • Heated Seaweed Oil Hand Treatment $25
  • Pineapple Enzyme Foot Buff $25
  • Divine Decollete Treatment $45
  • 30 Min. Salt Glow Treatment $50
  • 30 Min. Foot Reflexology Treatment $50
  • 30 Min. Acupressure Face & Scalp Massage $50