Massage / Stress Buster

Massage / Stress Buster

Ahh...just the word massage creates a sense of relaxation. The healing benefits of touch therapy are well known to relieve stress and melt away tension. Lie down, relax, and let us take you to a place far away from the pressure and hectic pace of this world. We want you to experience peace on earth.

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Traditional Massage Styles

Classic Swedish Massage

Relax and enjoy the flowing movements of this highly beneficial massage. Gliding pressure strokes and kneading movements release muscle tension, increase circulation and improve body alignment. Oxygen supply to the cells is increased and skin tone is improved. This relaxing massage is never boring and promotes a sense of well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage

This technique affects the deeper tissue structure of the body and is also called sports massage. Throughout life, many traumas may cause a reduction in range of movement in certain muscle groups. The connective tissue bonds are released to help regain flexibility and ease of movement.

1 Hour  $85
1 Hour Series of 6 $480
50 Min.  $75
50 Min. Series of 6 $420
30 Min. $50
1 Hour, 30 Min. $125

Aromatherapy- add $10

Choose from 3 essential oil formulas to enhance your massage experience. The blend will be added to our lotion during your treatment.

  • Soothing- Calm your senses with pure lavender.
  • Soothing & Uplifting- Calm your senses and relieve mental stress with lavender and eucalyptus.
  • Invigorating- Stimulate mind and body with pure eucalyptus.

Shea Butter Peptide Firming Treatment- add $10

This luxurious treatment lotion contains botanicals, peptides, and red marine algae, which repair damaged skin and provide increased skin firmness and thickness. Japanese green tea extract and vitamin E help protect the skin from free radical damage and provide intense hydration and healing. Our Shea Body Butter is used for this treatment.

Alternative/Fusion Massage Styles


The body's healing forces are stimulated through a special compression massage technique. Reflex points in the hands and feet relate to specific glands, organs, and muscles in the body. Activating these links can relieve tension, improve circulation in certain regions of the body, and help to normalize body functions.

Fusion Massage

Several modalities are used to focus on areas that need different types of pressure and various healing therapies. This popular massage incorporates the Classic Swedish, Reflexology, and Acupressure Face & Scalp Massage. Anxiety is reduced and emotions are balanced.

Choose the type of massage you prefer or let one of our caring and healing practitioners create a personalized routine especially for you. Drift away and emerge with a renewed sense of perspective and clarity.

1 Hour  $95
1 Hour Series of 6 $510
50 Min.  $80
50 Min. Series of 6 $450
30 Min. $55
1 Hour, 30 Min. $130

The Best Fusion Combo

30 Min. Reflexology/ 30 Min. Classic Swedish Back Massage. $95

Specialty Massages:

Heaven on Earth

Breath, receive, and align. Aromatherapy heated hand treatment with European massage, Foot Reflexology, shoulder and neck release and Acupressure Face & Scalp Massage.
30 Min. $60    1 Hour $95

Hot Stone Massage

Experience healing and transformation with this therapeutic treatment, which releases blocked energy from the chakra points. Hot basalt stones are placed on specific areas of the body and are also used to massage away soreness in the muscles and promote inner peace. Emerge with balance and clarity. Life is good.

1 Hour  $100
1 Hour, 30 Min. $150

Acupressure Face & Scalp Massage

This is our famous Better-than-Botox face-lift treatment. Tsubo pressure points release tension and toxins held in the facial muscles, and rhythmic lymphatic drainage will flush impurities and swelling from the tissues. Tension and anxiety will melt away as pressure points in the scalp are stimulated. Experience deep healing and a renewed sense of well being. Oh, yes...and youwill  look 10 years younger!
30 Min. $55

Pregnancy Massage

Our therapists are certified in the art of Pregnancy Massage. Every effort is taken to ensure the safety and comfort of expecting mothers. Pregnancy table setup allows our clients to comfortably lie face down with no pressure on the tummy. Sorry, no deep tissue unless your doctor recommends this form of massage. Aromatherapy is not advised.

1 Hour  $95
1 Hour, 30 Min. $135

Massage Specials

Body Treatments

Aromatherapy Cellulite Wrap

Experience inch loss, detoxification, and total relaxation with this deep penetrating essential oil treatment. Body brushing stimulates lymphatic drainage and gentle heat converts toxins for elimination. Overall slimming can be as much as one dress size.

1 Hour   $125     Series of 6  $690 (save $60)      Series of 10  $1000 (save $250)


Infrared Weight-Loss Wrap

Far Infrared heat therapy decreases swelling in the joints, relieves pain and burns 800 to 1200 calories per hour. Fat and toxins release through perspiration. More information. *Wear sweats.

30 - 60 Minutes  $95 

Series of 3  $255     Series of 6  $450     Series of 12  $780

Sea Salt & Papaya Body Scrub

European body brushing stimulates lymphatic drainage and starts the exfoliation process. Sea salt and papaya body buff, rinse and moisture treatment are included. Silky smooth skin feels heavenly!

1 Hour  $95      1 Hour, 30 Min.  $140

Salt Glow Back Treatment 

Body brushing, papaya enzyme scrub and moisture treatment.

1/2 Hour  $55   *add onto facial or massage $50

 Reflexology Foot Treatment 

Pineapple enzyme foot buff followed by reflex point therapy for entire foot.

1/2 Hour  $55   *add onto facial or massage $50

Divine Decollete Treatment 

Papaya enzyme scrub of chest and neck, Glycolic Peel and firming masque.

20 Min. $65       *add onto facial  $45

Pina Colada Body Smoothie - on Special now for $130!                  

Body Treatment Add-On's

  • See All Body Treatment Add-on's
  • Heated Seaweed Oil Hand Treatment $25
  • Pineapple Enzyme Foot Buff $25
  • Divine Decollete Treatment $45
  • 30 Min. Salt Glow Treatment $50
  • 30 Min. Foot Reflexology Treatment $50
  • 30 Min. Acupressure Face & Scalp Massage $50

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