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2019 Talk Award

At Best Face & Body we strive to not only meet your needs but to exceed them every time you visit. Our experienced and dedicated staff is waiting to make your day special and to increase your sense of well- being. Check out what some of our great clients have to say about us. Our goal is to make you happy!

Best Face & Body has won the prestigious Talk Awards for 2019 and for the previous 8 years. Our customer service and top notch treatments have brought our online reviews to the highest level in our industry.

We give credit to our wonderful clients for their continued support and loyalty. We will continue to make every effort to accommodate expectations and to deliver an amazing spa experience. Please accept our deepest gratitude.


Bonnie Best

Bonnie Best & Staff

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Always satisfied

Solid system that works!

I've reached my 40's and only just started taking my skincare seriously within the last year. I honestly thought you were either born with good skin genes, or you weren't and figured I would have dry, uneven skin for life. Well, call me a convert, and my new religion is this B.Best/Best Face and Body skincare line.

This is the first winter in LA that I'm not facing a mirror with flaky white patches all over my face (something I've had my entire life, even when I was 19 and living in a tropical and humid environment). I can attest it's because I have thrown out all of my drugstore products and have been using this system daily for the last year. Each product is hydrating and leaves my face feeling fresh and clean.

AHA/BHA Exfoliant - provides a gentle scrub without being abrasive, and the scent is so nice and actually invigorating.

Creme de la Creme - solid, moisturizing cleanser that can remove makeup and also has a pleasant smell.

Ooh La La Lavender - This was the biggest surprise for me. My experience with toners was that they made my face tight and dry and were something I wanted to avoid. This is actually a light gel, and it feels really soothing and hydrating.

Born Firm Moisturizer - A must, especially in the winter, but I've found that once I got my dry skin under control, I didn't need to use it twice a day because the rest of the products were already keeping my face so hydrated (saves $!)


Amazing products and services!

This is my favorite spa🥰 Iv been going to this place for 7 years now and I'm very happy with them! I go there for microdermabrasion, facials and their products. I have very sensitive skin and their products are perfect for me: the moisturizers are light weight and the cleansers are gentle on the skin, my skin is clean, glowing and healthy. Highly recommend them!

Still the best

I've experimented with many a face cleanser, this consistently by far makes my skin the happiest. It just feels good when I use it and after I use it.
I have mixed skin, it used to be fairly oily. It's more olive than fair.
I do need to still use a deeper glycolic type cleaner once in a while.

Gel toner - what?

I have sensitive skin and have tried everything. I thought I was sold on aloe vera until I tried this. The toner is amazing because it's a GEL which slowly absorbs into your skin to hydrate, not strip the necessary oils in your skin. Very light fragrance which is so nice and calming. I look forward to using this twice a day - feels like a heavenly facial. Most importantly - cruelty free :)


Love this moisturizer,doesn't clog my pores

Great products

I live in Pittsburgh PA and order because this is the best for my blemish prone skin

I've Been Using This For Years And Still Love It

I started using these cleansers about 10 years ago. Bonnie & Claudia helped guide me in the right direction as far as what I needed and the proper preventative maintenance plan. I have not wavered from these products and will probably continue to wear ALL of them until I die. I started using the cleansers and creams at age 22, I'm 33 now and look like I'm 24.

A Keeper

I'm going to use this cleanser forever. It leaves my face feeling fresh and hydrated without any harsh ingredients or weird scents. I'm trying to be better at maintaining a skincare regimen and this product always comes first!

Love It!

Great texture, great aroma, keeps my face clear and smooth!!

Stem Cell Age-delay Serum 1 Oz

Creme De La Creme Hydrant Cleanser 8 Oz

Love it

The first couple of days using these products, my skin felt dry but it got acclimated to the boost in products and now my skin feels and looks great. Also, they all smell SO GOOD.

Best Toner Ever

I have the most sensitive skin that reacts to almost everything and this product does wonders to calm any resulting inflammation, redness, or patchiness. The gel is awesome and allows you to get more coverage with less product. Love love love

Love it n' can't live without it...

"Best" product for my skin EVER.

Calm Me Vital C

An excellent product for me. It really does hydrate my face and my skin looks cleaner and actually brighter too. I will keep re-ordering this product for during the day use. At night I use the Super Firm and add in the Retinol Renewal....a great combination.

Amazing product , really drys out the pimples that may come your way.

Born Firm Anti-aging Moisturizer 2 Oz

Best cleanser I’ve ever used

I found Best Fave and Body when my face was over run by adult acne worse than it’s ever been in my life. I attribute this cleanser to having helped clear my skin to perfection. The exfoliating beads are just the right amount of texture to exfoliate without damaging my sensitive skin. I get complements on my glowing skin from using this cleanser. I highly recommend!

Cucumber Cooler 6 Oz

Great cleaner

I love this face cleanser!!

Works great

I'm mixing this lavender oil with coconut oil and applying it to age spots. I'm grateful for the results.

Subtle Lip Treatment

I like how this lip protectant does NOT feel thick and obtrusive. It goes on easy and feels so natural.