Ultrasonic Dermal Lifting

Ultrasound therapy is a safe non-invasive healing and revitalizing treatment for the skin. It increases collagen production in the dermis and adipose layers of the skin causing a revitalizing effect: Lifting and Tightening!

Rejuvenation of the skin tissue will continue to improve over time and with monthly treatments, collagen production will continue to proliferate. Ultrasonic treatments cause a "tight" feeling and the lifting effects are immediately visible.

Ultrasound treatments deliver a "soft peel" to the epidermis leaving the skin re-textured and smooth. These stimulating sound waves also ensure deep delivery of active ingredients that help create fresh, new collagen and elastin cells. The thermal energy of ultrasound increases blood and lymph flow and detoxifies the skin. Ultrasonic stimulation promotes synthesis of protein inside the cells, accelerates metabolism and regenerates wounded tissue.

Contraindications: We can not perform ultrasound therapy over lesions, broken skin, malignant tumors, areas with plastic or metal implants, or on people who have a pacemaker.

Unltrasonic Facelift

Ultrasonic Face-Lift - Executive Session

This treatment begins with Enzyme, Peppermint and Lactic Acid exfoliation followed by the Ultrasonic "Soft Peel". Oxygen infusion of Vitamins A, E, C, D3,Peptide Amino Acids,and minerals provide deep nutrient delivery. Ultrasonic Therapy lifts and tightens the dermis and adipose layer of the skin. Acupressure points are stimulated.Voila...youth!

30 Min $100
Series of 3 $225 ($75 each/savings of $75)
Series of 6 $400 ($66.66 each/savings of $200)
 Series of 12 $750 ($62.50 each/savings of $450)

Collagen Face Lift

Collagen Ultrasonic Facial

Boost Collagen! Re-texture, lift and tighten the skin with ultrasound therapy. This healing, anti-aging treatment creates new collagen cells and fills in lines and wrinkles. An ultrasonic "Soft Peel" removes dead cell buildup and stimulates fresh new collagen production. Oxygen infusion detoxifies the skin and penetrates our botanical Collagen Booster Serum deep into the tissues. Ultrasonic lifts and tightens the tissues for a revitalized appearance. Enzyme application, a Vital C Lip Treatment, steam & extractions, Elastin Eye Masque, and soothing massage of the chest, neck, and shoulders are included.

1 Hour $120
Series of 6 $570 (Save $150)

ADD-ON to Facial

+Ultrasonic Face-Lift

Boost Collagen! Re-texture, lift and tighten the skin with Ultrasound Therapy.

15 Min. $35
Series of 6 $180 (save $30)

Ultrasonic Diamond Peel

For those who want it all! This ultimate anti-aging duo includes the Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion to resurface the skin and reduce wrinkles and Ultrasonic Therapy to lift and tighten the skin. Deep pore cleansing, steam & extractions, and oxygen infusion of vital anti-aging antioxidant nutrients are included.

1 Hour, 15 Min. $175
Series of 6 $1020 ($170 each/savings of $30)
Series of 8 $1280 ($160 each/savings of $120)
Series of 12 $1800 ($150 each/savings of $300)