Can Your Skincare Routine Reduce Stress?

Can Your Skincare Routine Reduce Stress?

Wash Away Your Worries

It’s undeniable that we’re living in uncertain times. There are many ways to try to cope, but could the simple act of following a daily skincare routine reduce stress and improve your state of mind?

A recent study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology may have confirmed this with actual science. This report tracked thirty women who followed a 3-step skincare regimen which included cleansing + toning + moisturizing twice a day for 8 weeks. The products used included antioxidants, electrolytes, prebiotics, and sunscreen in the ingredients. At the end of the study, participants reported an improved appearance of pores, reduced acne, “healthy glow” and clinical results showed an increase in skin barrier function

As evangelists for proper skin care, we could have predicted that outcome, but more surprising was the significant drop in cortisol (the hormone closely linked with stress) at the conclusion of the study, compared with levels measured at the beginning. The researchers suggested that improved skin condition correlated with reducing emotional stress and raising the confidence of participants. Of course, this makes absolute sense, but it’s nice to have scientific validation of what we’ve been preaching all along.

Home Study

I inadvertently participated in my own personal case-study earlier this year. At the start of the pandemic, when our world turned upside down, I found comfort in starting and ending my day with my skincare system. I’ll admit, I used to be sporadic about following all the steps, but I committed to being more consistent. Cleanse + Tone + Treat + Moisturize became my daily and nightly mantra. It gave me a sense of control and structure during a time of imbalance. 

Instead of rushing through the steps, I often found myself slowing down and actively observing the sensations of putting on each product. The gentle scrub from the AHA/BHA cleanser always helped kickstart my day by literally clearing the slate and waking me up with its fresh citrus scent. I love a good smelling product, but perfumes don’t always agree with me. I own way too many candles that smelled lovely in the store that I can’t burn because the fumes make my throat itch. The natural botanical essences in Best Face & Body products are never overwhelming or cloying. I enjoy the lavender zing and hydrating help from my Ooh La La Lavender Toner, but I also started to keep a tiny spray bottle filled with Eau De Ginseng Toner at my desk. The smell of chamomile and geranium elevates my mood and I spritz it on whenever I need a mental reset during my workday.

More Than A Feeling

For those who don’t care about how following a system made me feel and just want to know if it changed my looks, I’ll submit this embarrassing photo of one of my dry skin episodes from a few years ago (before I started using Best Face & Body products) compared with a more recent photo (no filters, no makeup).


I’d been plagued with dry/sensitive skin since I was a teenager living in a humid environment. Over my 43 years on this planet, I tried many products marketed for “dry skin”—from drugstore basics to pricy name brand items. They either did nothing to resolve my issues or actively made things worse with redness and irritation. It’s been almost two years since I first started using Best Face & Body products, and the changes since dumping my other products have been remarkable. 

I don’t use all of these products daily, but here’s what I currently use on a regular basis:

  1. Dry To Aging Basic System - This set includes two cleansers, lavender toner & anti-aging moisturizer. Sometimes I switch between different products, but I always use a cleanser, toner and moisturizer each day.
  2. Radiant Vital C SPF 30 - I cannot rave about this daily sunscreen/moisturizer enough. It smells amazing and makes my skin so soft and smooth without feeling chalky or greasy. It’s unlike any other face SPF I’ve ever tried and I recommend it to anyone who has dry skin.
  3. Eau de Ginseng Toner - I like having this to spritz on my face throughout the day as a mood-lifter that's also good for my skin.
  4. Stem Cell Age-Delay Serum - This is great at keeping the wrinkles at bay. I have a deep one between my eyebrows that noticeably diminishes when I use this serum regularly.
  5. Retinol Renewal - This is another great wrinkle-buster that also helped fade some of my brown spots and even out my skin tone.
  6. Sea-Detox Refining Masque - I almost forgot this amazing masque that I do weekly or every other week. I love using this after a long day, especially if I’ve been outdoors or working up a sweat. You can really feel this one in action as it tingles and tightens on your face. Plus, it’s great for all skin types and helps reduce oil, acne and wrinkles. I always chase this with Velvet Cocktail Moisture Surge or Born Firm Moisturizer to make sure my skin stays hydrated.

Choose Your Own Skincare

My routine is not going to be suitable for everyone, but it’s easy to find one that will work for you. The Best Face & Body Skincare Systems were developed to provide the best results for each skin type. You can choose a BASIC, PLUS or DELUXE system, depending on how robust you want your routine to be. Also, when you purchase any system, you will automatically save 10% on any (one) serum you purchase at the same time.

BASIC SYSTEM (save 5% off retail price) includes two cleansers (exfoliating and hydrant) + toner + moisturizer best formulated for each skin type. 

PLUS SYSTEM (save 7% off retail price) come with all the BASICS plus our moisturizing daily sunscreen

DELUXE SYSTEM (save 5% off retail price) includes everything plus SuperFirm Eye & Throat Créme.




There are a lot of things we can’t control in this world, but at least there is something we can do about our own skin! I’d love to hear in comments if any of you have observed physical and psychological benefits after following a daily skincare routine. 💖


Written by Irene Silva
Best Face & Body Team Member

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  • Gail Hubler

    I have used “best face & body” products for years and they are wonderful for my skin. I even sleep better after doing my nightly routine of products!

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