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As many of you know, great innovations are not developed overnight. My inspiration for creating the Best Face & Body nutrient skin care line came from analyzing my clients' skin and listening to their concerns. In many cases, even while maintaining healthy lifestyles and making regular visits to the spa, their skin conditions were not improving as quickly as I thought possible. I knew my clients needed a skin care system to follow at home. They needed a way to keep their skin looking as radiant as it did when they walked out of my treatment room. I wanted to provide highly effective products that would deliver solid results for my clients. When I couldn't find what I wanted on the market, I set out to develop them myself.

I began working closely with manufacturers and biochemists in the skin care industry, researching state-of-the-art ingredients with proven test results and trying new product formulas. I would only consider product formulations that contained no mineral oil, alcohol, or perfume: I had observed dehydration, dead cell buildup and clog in my clients pores, and refused to sell these types of products.

Each product was a labor of love, and I developed one formula at time. Small batches of the new product formulas were given to my clients. I waited for feedback and examined their skin each month to see if we were getting our desired results. If the formulas passed the test and my clients said, "This is incredible I've got to have it", I gave my final approval and the product was added to my line.

Every formula was created for specific clients with certain skin care conditions that were not being addressed by other product lines. I credit my clients for helping me create these wonderfully effective products. Today we proudly offer the results of our careful research and testing: high performance systems and treatments that repair, nourish, and protect every skin type.

You deserve to have beautiful healthy skin just like my clients and the clientele that come for services at my day spa in Los Angeles. I invite you to go for it and try one of our nutrient skincare systems especially designed for your type of skin. Life is better when your skin looks amazing.


Bonnie Best

Bonnie Best, Aesthetican, CMT, Founder
Best Face & Body Day Spa & Skincare