Lighten Up & Remove Those Spots

Lighten Up & Remove Those Spots

Now that Autumn is underway, it’s a great time to look in the mirror and assess any damage that might have built up over the summer.

Even if you didn’t spend the last few months baking on the beach, you've probably noticed an increase in dark spots or changes to the texture of your skin. Unlike UVB rays which cause an immediate sunburn, UVA rays can sneak through glass and clouds to slowly and steadily destroy the healthy cells beneath the surface of your skin. Your body’s protective response to the invasion is to increase melanin production, which isn’t always pretty.

Our professional advice? Take care of sunspots as soon as you see them, and make prevention a priority. Dark spots on the skin don’t just go away with time, and will actually worsen as the years go on.

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Get Your Vitamins (A & C)

If you’re serious about spot removal, we recommend a skincare regimen that includes Vitamin C during the day and Retinol (aka Vitamin A) at night. Both ingredients are known for their ability to increase new cell turnover, smooth texture, and lighten dark spots and discoloration.  

Day Bright

We recently introduced our most advanced Vitamin C serum (Gold Vital C Bright & Light) which features gold peptides and glutathione in a 100% stable ascorbic acid complex. Natural, exfoliating acids increase the brightening effects, while Sodium Hyaluronate and other vital nutrients keep the skin soft and hydrated.

Vitamin C is a protective antioxidant, which is beneficial for daytime use because it helps inhibit melanin production. It will not stop UV penetration the way a full-spectrum sunscreen can so make sure to apply SPF on top of your daytime serum.

Radiant Vital C SPF 30 is the perfect protector for year-round use. This lightly creamy formula deflects UVA/UVB rays and provides intense moisturization, which your skin will crave as cold winter air starts to move in.

Night Light

Retinol is a healing antioxidant known for regenerating collagen and correcting damage. This potent ingredient can increase sensitivity to the sun, which is why it’s recommended for nighttime use. 

For your evening routine, Retinol Renewal will help you get your “beauty” sleep. Encapsulated Retinol, Peptides, and brightening ingredients work overnight to lighten spots, smooth texture, and firm sagging skin. This formula was designed to prevent dryness and irritation that some forms of Retinol can cause, but it can be layered under your evening moisturizer for additional hydration.

All-in-One Kit

Make spot removal a cinch and SAVE $37 off the full retail price when you buy our new Spot Removal Kit. This complete Day-to-Night routine includes the two full-sized lightening serums mentioned above, plus two travel-sized cleansers and a travel-sized Radiant Vital C SPF 30 (Free!)

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