Retinol: What's the Deal?

Retinol: What's the Deal?

Anti-Acne / Anti-Aging All-Star 

If Retinol were a person, she’d be that girl in high school who was the prom queen and class valedictorian. She would be the celebrity who started out with a successful singing career, then showed us all she could make it on the big screen too. Retinol is an A-(as in Vitamin A)-Plus multitasker of the skincare world. A force against acne and wrinkles, Retinol is here for the teens, the grandmothers, and everyone in between.*Record Scratch* Wait a minute! How can a single ingredient be the solution to such different problems? The secret lies in Retinol’s ability to stimulate new cell regeneration.

It's All Clear

When it comes to acne, Retinol will battle breakouts and then keep on working to repair old damage. After time, acne scars and spots will have faded, leaving you to bask in your beautiful, blemish-free skin.

Our Stop Zit! Serum combines the power of Retinol with other beneficial ingredients like Daisy Extract (Bellis Perennis) which lightens and brightens skin tone. Licorice Root is naturally Anti-Bacterial, Vitamin E heals, and Vitamin C reduces redness and inflammation. 


Rewind Time

On the other side of the skincare spectrum, Retinol Renewal works to reduce wrinkles and fade age spots. In this formula, Retinol is paired with Peptides to communicate with cells and get your collagen back into production. Collagen is crucial in maintaining the firmness and flexibility of your skin. Like with acne scarring, retinol helps fade brown spots and evens out skin tone over time.

This powerful serum delivers encapsulated retinol without drying or irritation, but we still recommend applying only in the evening and following with your favorite moisturizer.


Wield This Power Wisely

It must be noted that when it comes to serums, a little goes a long way. Apply a small amount at first, and increase slowly. Your skin may become more sensitive to the sun or waxing, so be careful. Use retinol products at night and always use sunscreen daily. It’s best not to double your efforts when using retinoids, so do not use with Retin-A, Accutane or other retinol products. Do not use while pregnant.

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