The Best Way to Double Cleanse

The Best Way to Double Cleanse

What is a Double Cleanse?

The concept of a Double Cleanse may seem self-explanatory, but for those who follow trending skincare routines, it can specifically mean washing your face with an oil-based cleanser first, then a water-based cleanser second. The purpose is to provide a deep cleanse when you need to remove heavy dirt and makeup that sticks to the skin.

We Say NO to Oil

At Best Face & Body, you could say we are "oil-adverse" and make the point of keeping mineral oils and anything likely to clog pores out of our formulas. Yes, there are non-comedogenic oils (skincare speak for “won’t clog pores”) but they can still be problematic for some skin conditions or may inflame allergies. Instead of coating your face with cleansing oils, we offer our refreshing cleansers made with natural, purifying ingredients. Your skin needs gentle exfoliation and nourishing hydration so it can breathe!

All-In-One Kit

Our Double Cleanse Kit has everything you need to gently and thoroughly cleanse all skin types. This set includes our two best-selling cleansers, plus a FREE pair of Bonni-Pads (for removing heavy make up, masques and SPF.)

AHA/BHA Exfoliant Cleanser—Whether your skin is oily, dry, combination, or sensitive, this cleanser will gently polish and clarify with goodies like Jojoba Esters, Glycolic, Lactic & Salicylic Acids, and Citrus Extracts. The fresh, invigorating scent awakens your senses in the morning, and the scrubbing action sheds dirt and dead-cell build up after a long day.

Creme de la Creme Hydrant CleanserThis hydro-gel (that means water-based) cleanser is also effective on all skin types. Your skin is 70% water and it needs hydration. Healing ingredients like Vitamin E, Algae Extract, and Organic Aloe Leaf juice keep the skin flexible and smooth, and will not irritate sensitive skin. 

This pro product is used by our aestheticians at the start of every facial at our day spa. To remove heavy dirt and makeup, wet face and apply a small amount onto a dampened Bonni-Pad, rub gently in circular motions for one minute or until face is cleansed. 

So How Should You Double Cleanse?

Start your day off with AHA/BHA Exfoliant Cleanser first and follow with Creme de la Creme which will leave your skin hydrated and ready for one of our SPF 30 moisturizers. This double cleansing routine may be used in the evening followed by your favorite treatment serum and moisturizer.  

While we recommend both of our cleansers for everyone, you should mix and match usage according to your skin’s needs. If you’re having an oily breakout or acne flareup, use the exfoliating cleanser twice a day. If your skin is irritated and dry, exfoliate less and double up on Creme de la Creme.

The bottom line is a clean face will lead to a better complexion and you should be washing your face at least twice a day, whether you do a double cleanse or not.

Hope this clears things up!

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