The Next Best Thing: BFB Home Facial

The Next Best Thing: BFB Home Facial

Perhaps you are missing your regular appointment with your favorite esthetician (we miss you too!) but there's no reason your skin should suffer during this time of social distancing. Self Care is more important than ever, so here's our recipe for a facial you can do at home featuring some of the same highly effective products we use in our spa facials. Just slip on your favorite bathrobe, and follow these steps:


Give your face an invigorating cleanse and remove dead skin cells with our AHA/BHA Exfoliant Cleanser. Take your time and use your fingertips to gently scrub in circular motions for two minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Step 2: MASK ON
Next, apply our Glycolic Sea Detox Refining Masque. Add a light layer your face and neck, but stay away from your eyes! Find a mellow musical playlist, set your phone timer to chime in 20 minutes. Breathe in the subtle scent of mint & kiwi and let your mind drift away. You will feel the mask working immediately as it pulls impurities out of the pores and tightens tired skin. 

Step 3: MASK OFF

Once 20 minutes have passed, remove the mask using a warm, damp washcloth or Bonni-Pads. Bonni-Pads are our own foam-filled, round terry washcloths that are soft on your face and perfect for your cleansing routine. Just toss them in the washer when needed and reuse them again and again!

Apply your favorite toner and immediately follow with our soothing Velvet Cocktail Moisture Surge. Blend in your choice of moisturizer or eye cream and let it all sink in for ultimate hydration.  A delightful cocktail for your skin.

Step 5: RELAX
There's nothing to remove, so go ahead and read a book, meditate, get back to your binge-watching, or just crawl into bed and sleep. While you're relaxing, our products will calm inflammation, heal damage, and restore hydration to your skin cells.  

We hope you enjoy your BFB home facial! We'd much rather provide our treatments in person, but hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe during this time.

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  • Arla Mink

    Hi Bonnie and Claudia and everyone at Best Face and Body!! Miss you all, was to have app’t on April 9th and was looking forward to it but then this happened!! Looking forward to seeing you again. Stay well and safe!!

  • Virginia Witherow

    Bonnie- I love your spa and your products!

    If I could buy everywoman I love a spa day I would!

    Stay safe, healthy and I will be in as soon as it is allowed.


  • Lois sklar

    Hope your all well . Please let me know how to order and pick up your products ! Thank you Lois Sklar

  • Laura Paden

    Hi, Bonnie! Hi, Claudia and everyone at Best! I miss all of you, too. I hope you and your families are well and you’re taking good care of yourselves. I’ll be very happy to see you when that opportunity is available again. Nice to hear from you. Please say “Hello” to everyone that knows us. 🙏🏼🧡

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