Let's Set the Tone

Let's Set the Tone

Back in the day, Toners used to be alcohol-drenched astringents that promised to sop up oil and help teens control their zits. What those formulas actually did was cause irritation and dehydration—hello parched, flaking skin! Our Toners revolutionized the market with our emphasis on Hydration and Nutrients.

Bonnie’s decades-long refusal to put alcohol into any Best Face & Body products is well known in our industry. Years of giving professional facials and analyzing clients’ faces made her see the damage caused by products that stripped the skin of moisture.

Our Toners infuse the tissues with hydration and fortify the skin with beneficial nutrients. They clear the way for serums and moisturizers to sink deeper into the skin and provide an extra step of pore cleansing. 

Here’s the general guide of when to use a toner in your skincare routine:

Tone Your Own Way

Toners help rebalance the skin with beneficial ingredients carefully selected to work with different skin types. We’ve created three unique formulas to meet specific needs.

Eau De Ginseng Nutrient Toner

This refreshing toner works with all skin types and won’t dry you out or irritate acne. It's nutrient-rich and safe to use as often as you like. This formula can also be used to dampen makeup sponges or misted on your face after makeup application for an added glow. Need a boost or pick-me-up in the middle of the day? The fresh scent of geranium and calming properties of chamomile reawaken and soothe the senses.

TIP: Our toners come with a standard disc-top dispensing lid, but we also offer a spray top that fits on our 8oz bottles for just $1. Just remember to keep your eyes closed when spraying!


Beta Blend Astringent Toner

This botanical astringent will reduce oil immediately and kill zit-harboring bacteria. It is a game-changer for those who struggle with constant oil and acne. Anyone who gets the occasional pimple or breakout can also use our Beta Blend toner as a spot treatment. Herbal ingredients like aloe and chamomile soothe and protect the skin’s moisture barrier.


Ooh La La Lavender Hydrant Toner

Likewise, our Ooh La La Lavender Toner can be used by anyone who needs extra hydration. It was specially formulated for dry or aging skin and can help with redness and inflammation. The clear gel formula has a thicker consistency that can be applied with your fingertips. It soaks deeply into your skin, delivering anti-aging nutrients and glycoproteins to restore collagen.


TIP:  This toner comes with a standard disc-top dispensing lid, but if you prefer a pump-style dispenser for this gel formula, you can add a replaceable pump to your order for $1.

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