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Dry Aging System

Thank you for introducing me to these products. I really like all of the products that I have ordered over the last year. I have changed over to these products, as I believe they have really made my skin routine easy with really good results.

Love this! Part of my daily skin care

I love the collagen booster. Its part of my daily skin care routine along with the born firm moisturizer. These products are the best and have been using for years. Im 53 years old and my skin looks so healthy.

Best Face & Body eCard/Gift Card

My friend, who also loves Bonnie's products & facials, had a special birthday on January 1st. I bought her an e-card for her birthday. We can hardly wait until Bonnie can re-open & we can come in for pampering!!

Better packaging

Much better than the tube


I use a lot of serums. What I like about this one is that it doesn't leave that wet, oily residue. Apply with moisturizer and you're ready for makeup without having to wait for your face to dry! My new secret weapon!

Feels like a cloud

This cream is light, airy, and floaty. No heavy scent and very creamy and soft to apply. Dries quickly and leaves skin feeling super soft and smooth. I would definitely recommend.

So rich

This cleanser is so rich and creamy. A little goes a long way in soothing and cleansing my face. Perfect for nourishing my dry skin. I will add this cleanser to my daughter's cabinet as well. No harsh chemicals and perfect for tweens that aren't into a full face regiment - cleanse and hydrate . It's one and done!

Best product

I have been using this product for 2 weeks every night and can see the lines on my face diminishing. It is a must have!!

Best calming toner

I love this toner. I discovered it in the summer which was the most delightful experience to have especially after I put it in the fridge. I have sensitive fair skin and this toner gave me no issues, just happiness.

Clear Skin

I’ve been using the Oxygen Moisturizer for over a year and it has noticeably improved the texture of my skin. I get very clogged pores and this product prevents my skin from clogging. The glycolic acid definitely removes dead skin cells and keeps my skin smooth. I highly recommend it for problem skin.

Peptide Lift and Firm

Love this product. It's not heavy and used with Born Firm at night it makes my skin smooth and moist. I highly recommend the products from Best Face and Body.

Home Facial Kit

Love it! The facial was great and the Velvet Cocktail afterward with Born Firm made my skin look fabulous. I love their products. Since I've been using the products from Best Face and Body my skin has continued to look better and better. Highly recommend them. Really looking forward to when they can reopen so I can get my facials from Karina again:)

Great Creamy, Rich Moisturizer

I have dry to normal skin and this moisturizer is perfect. Creamy and luxurious feeling to quench my skin, but not too heavy or gloopy. Highly recommend.

One of my All Time Favorites

This is not only the best exfoliant wash but one of my all time favorite skincare items out there. All their products are great but this one I cannot live without. I use it about three times a week in the shower, and it leaves my skin so smooth and refreshed. Sensitive enough to be used everyday.

Mineral Liquid powder foundation tender beige

Love this foundation. very affordable and great coverage. Im over 50 and I have been using this for many years. very creamy look.

Thanks Debby:) Mineral makeup is also healthier for your skin and this one provides such great coverage. I see you are also using one of our systems to keep your skin youthful and glowing. Stay safe:)

Great product

I absolutely love this product. It leaves my face feel refreshed. I use it in the mornings before my moisturizer.


I miss the Best Face & Body facials at the spa, but I love how they put together this cute set to use at home. I was already a fan of the exfoliating cleanser, but I'll definitely keep using the other products too. I've done this home facial a few times now and it really does a deep clean and leaves my face softer and smoother. The round foam pads are also good for removing makeup.

Best and Cleanest Exfoliating Scrub on the Market

I am very particular about what I put on my skin as I have suffered my whole life from acne. I used to go to Best Face & Body spa when I lived in Woodland Hills. The exfoliating scrub is one I've been using for well over a year now. I use it at night and I just love how clean and smooth it makes my skin feel. Plus, the ingredients are very clean and you can view them on the back of the bottle. I would highly recommend this product for someone who has sensitive or acne-prone skin. You'll love how this exfoliator makes your skin feel.

Love it!

I love the Super Firm Cream. I have only been using it for a week or 2, but my face feels so much better. My eye bags are going away!

My daughter and her boyfriend love Born Clear !

Born Clear Moisturizer

I have used this moisturizer for years and would not think of using another moisturizer. I have oily skin and use Born Clear at night. I cannot recommend Born Clear highly enough!

Glycolic Moisturizer

I highly recommend this moisturizer. It is great for oily skin such as mine in that it moisturizers well without leaving an oily feel to my skin.

Vit al C is wonderful

I really like the results from adding Vital C to my face care program. All products I've received from Best Face are outstanding!!

Perfect for hydrating

This toner is great for hydrating your skin. Since it is a smooth gel, it goes on and absorbs into the skin fairly quickly without leaving any residue or stickiness. I don't use it every day, but it is great occasionally and in the winter season.

Great for oily or acne prone skin

This is a great cleanser for oily or acne prone skin, since it helps to re-moisturize the skin and keep it from getting oily again. A lot of acne cleansers only focus on stripping down the bad oil, but this one is great for replenishing your skins good oil and preventing future acne.