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I've loved BFB products for years, and this serum is one of my favorites. First, it smells so nice - just a natural scent that isn't overpowering or perfumy. It goes onto the skin smoothly and feels hydrating without the heavy feeling of a moisturizer. I love that this contains a ton of antioxidants and plant-based ingredients.

Dry/Aging Travelpac
Doris Madden (Chatsworth, CA)
No Travel Packing Stress

I use all the products in this mini set on a daily basis and my skin and I love them.
So it’s a no brainer to take the mini set with me when I travel, easy breezy:)


Absolutely LOVE this product! Gives my skin a natural tan like glow & feels amazing!

Great! So happy to hear this product is working for you. It's loaded with nutrients and your skin is noticing the difference. Yay!

Dry/Aging Travelpac
Jennifer (Thousand Oaks, CA)
Try It Out!

Skeptical like me about new products?
The cleansers, toner, moisturizer, and eye/neck cream all work well together.
Well enough to buy the full size when it runs out.

Thanks for the great review Jennifer. We appreciate it so much. Ordering a travel pack is a smart way to check out all the formulas before you make a larger investment. Good for you:)

Eau De Ginseng Toner 1.25 oz
Jennifer (Thousand Oaks, CA)
Revives my skin

The toner is so refreshing, removes any residual makeup, and makes my face tingle.
Love it!

The eau de Ginseng Nutrient Toner is our best selling, most popular toner. We are happy to hear it is working well for you. It will also help your moisturizer sink deeper into the pores and be more effective. Theres nothing like a tingle/wake up call for your skin. Enjoy:)

Born Firm Anti-Aging Nutrient Moisturizer 2 oz
Elma Saquing (Canoga Park, CA)

I like the product. It hydrates my skin.

Born Firm contains so many nutrients and hyaluronic acid to increase moisture and hydration. We are glad to hear your skin is getting great results. Thanks Elma.

Digital Gift Card
Chris Duque (Los Angeles, CA)

My mom loves Best Face & Body!
The gift card makes it super convenient for me to give and for her to use!

Moms need love! What's better than a treat at the local spa? Thanks for choosing Best Face & Body day spa:)

Eau De Ginseng Nutrient Toner 8 Oz
Lin Stillman (Pacifica, CA)
Love this!

I first tried a sample and now use it religiously! Leaves my skin clean and fresh! I never use toner but I'm hooked on this one!

Good for you! Its so nice to try a product and get amazing results. We appreciate your review and are so happy your skin loves our Ginseng Toner. Hope to see you soon:)

Super Firm Eye & Throat Creme .25 oz
Lin Stillman (Pacifica, CA)
Great Product!

Made me look refreshed and much younger!

Yes, younger is better! Thanks for letting us know about your great results. We appreciate your review Lin:)

Zap Zit Drying Gel 1 oz
Adi Mimar (Winnetka, CA)
100% recommended !!

The crew is super nice and professional!

Me and my mom had the best experience ever !

We’ll definitely come back !!!

Born Firm Anti-Aging Nutrient Moisturizer 2 oz
Marlene Stratton (Palmdale, CA)

I have been using Born Firm for approximately 15 years. I love it and it goes on very smooth, its not greasy and it gives my skin a glow. At 84 I was just told yesterday that I look really great. No wrinkles - Yeah.
I contribute it to Best Face and Body merchandise.

Thanks for your glowing review Marlene. We appreciate you and we will continue to create products that actually work, improve the skin and increase moisture, hydration and nutrient content. You're the best!

Zap Zit Drying Gel 1 oz
Ahmed Awad (Brooklyn, NY)

It very good

Yes! We are so happy to hear the Zap Zit is working for you. Thanks for the great review Ahmed. We appreciate it so much. Hope to see you soon:)

Bonni-Pads Pro Pak
Nancy Probert (Lewistown, MT)

I love these pads! They work so much better than a washcloth. They rinse out well, and they make great gifts! Price point is a good value for anyone.

We are so happy you love them. We use them in every facial at the spa. They are put in the washing machine and dried after each use. You may do the same thing at home over and over. They are very sturdy and last for years. Thanks for the great review Nancy. We appreciate it so much:)

Gold Vital C3 Bright & Light 1 oz
Irene (Los Angeles, CA)
Good Glow

I love how Vitamin C serums make my skin glow, and I especially love how this one doesn't have a watery/liquid consistency and is easy to spread on.

I've used this product for several weeks now and I definitely notice my complexion is less splotchy. I have a few old sunspots that are significantly lighter than before.

Yes, success! We are elated to hear about your amazing results with the Gold Vital C Bright & Light. Thanks for sharing, Irene. We are always researching new combinations of ingredients to fade and lighten dark spots. This one works!

Collagen Booster Serum 1 oz
Kathleen M Heath (Santa Ana, CA)
Collagen Booster

Love this product!! It has kept my skin so healthy.

Thanks for sharing Kathleen. Keep up the great routine...no wonder you look amazing:)

Creme De La Creme Hydrant Cleanser 8 oz
KARISSA CUEVAS (Granada Hills, CA)
My favorite

I love love love this cleanser. I use it every morning. I have acne prone skin / irritated and red at times but with this cleanser it completely soothes and hydrates my skin. Totally love this!

Thanks for sharing this healing experience with us. We are so happy your skin is receiving the hydration and nutrition it needs. Improving your skin is our first priority.

Digital Gift Card
Earnie Rutherford (McKinney, TX)

My sister thoroughly enjoyed her message and will return.

Thanks for letting us know. We are so happy she enjoyed her time at the spa. We can't wait to see her again.

Awesome product!!

Love this dainty powerful cream!!!

Oxygen Glycolic Moisturizer 1.7 oz
Jodie (Reseda, CA)
Fabulous & Clean

Love this wonderful product; not too heavy, clean & smooth!

AHA/BHA Exfoliant Cleanser 8 oz
Marlene Stratton (Acton, CA)

I have used this product for ages and I love it. It feels great on your face, it keeps my face smooth, and fresh.
Will I buy it again, you bet I will.

Hyaluronic Lip Filler
Nedra Johnson (Hayward, CA)
Favorite lip product ever!

My lips feel fuller and more hydrated. I’m obsessed with this product!

Hyaluronic Lip Filler
Irene (Los Angeles, CA)
No more dry lips!

My lips were always dry and chapped, but not anymore! I've tried so many lip balms and this one really stands out.
It has a really nice vanilla scent and the texture is perfection. It isn't waxy, sticky or shiny, just leaves my lips feeling super smooth and soft.

Double Cleanse Kit
Kimberly Hebert (Woodland Hills, CA)
Perfect Combination

I have struggled with finding a cleansing system that doesn't dry my face out or an exfoliant that doesn't irritate my skin over time. This is a perfect combination for my skin. These items were used when I had a facial at the spa, and I have loved the results ever since. My morning cleanse gives me an instant GLOW. I purchased the Ginseng Toner and Born Clear Light Moisturizer, which finishes off my skin beautifully. The gentle night exfoliant is a perfect way to clear away the day and rest with a truly clean face. This works...for me. I know skin is so personal, so I am glad I found this system.

Velvet Body Nourishing Seaweed Oil 8 Oz
Susan Glover (Gaithersburg, MD)


Super Firm anti-aging eye & throat creme

I have bought this eye creme once before, but I prefer the eye creme to come in a jar, not in this container. I like to see how much is left so it can be reordered. Other than the former comment, I like the product.