Break Up with Your Zits

Break Up with Your Zits

Breaking Up is Hard to Do!

Ending a toxic relationship is never easy, and quitting your zits is no exception. Are you a teen dealing with hormonal acne? Or an adult afflicted with maskne? Here's how to break out of the breakout cycle:

Step 1: The Only EX You Need in Your Life

We’d like to introduce you to our Ex…Exfoliant cleanser that is. Drop that dead cell buildup that’s clogging your pores and stealing your shine. Get your glow back with the help of gentle, yet effective ingredients like Jojoba and organic sources of Glycolic, Salicylic, Lactic & Citric Acids.

Step 2: Healthy Healing

Trust us when we tell you, Alcohol will only make things worse. Grab this healing tonic instead. Beta Blend gets rid of greaseballs and refreshes oily skin without stripping away valuable moisture. Organic salicylic acid penetrates clogged pores and kills bacteria. Chamomile, aloe and sage keep the skin calm and hydrated.

Step 3: Treat Yourself Right

Breakouts are not only embarrassing, but they can also leave a devastating trail of scars long after they’re gone. Stop-Zit is the powerful treatment that will immediately dry out active zits and fade spots from former breakouts. Retinol, Peptides, Daisy Extract and Vitamin C & E ease inflammation, increase collagen, and encourage healthy new cell turnover. Use at night to restore your skin to a smoother, brighter, and spotless condition.

Step 4: Keep Things Clear

By now your zits are getting the message that they’re not welcome, and they have no reason to stick around when you use Born Clear Light Moisturizer. This purifying hydrator is beloved by our customers with oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin because it has no heaviness or greasy residue. Aloe, watercress, sage and lemon bioflavonoids also kill bacteria that harbors zits and oil.

You Can Have It All!

Our new Stop Zit Kit includes our full sized retinol treatment for acne and dark spots, plus travel sizes of the exfoliating cleanser, astringent toner, and lightweight moisturizer.


Will It Get Worse Before it Gets Better?

You may have heard of “skin purging” or perhaps you’ve been told “your skin will get worse before it gets better.” Yes, healing is a process and it doesn’t happen overnight. There is a difference between “purging” and a “reaction”.

“Purging” can happen in response to active ingredients that increase cell turnover (like retinol, glycolic acid and other chemical exfoliants). As dead cells are removed, new cells rise and sometimes push blemishes to the surface. You may see additional zits days after starting a new product, or maybe an increase in whiteheads and flaky skin. This should only be temporary and pimples that show up in a purge should disappear soon after they arrive. If your skin is especially sensitive or reactive, ease into new products by starting with small amounts, or using every other day until you build up a tolerance.

A “Reaction” may be an indication of an allergy. Hives or rash are red flags from your skin. Pimples in new places are another signal that something's amiss. We don’t recommend sticking with any product that makes your skin angry. If you’re unsure which product is causing a reaction, wait until your skin clears, then introduce new products one at a time.

Every face is different. If you have a specific skin concern, consult with our owner and expert aesthetician directly by emailing

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