The Curse of the Sun

The Curse of the Sun

It's No Fairy Tale

Okay, beauties, this story is fiction, but it could still happen to you. The truth is, nothing ages a person more than unprotected exposure to the sun. The curse is real and the aging effects of Ultra Violet rays include wrinkles, sagging skin, cancerous growths, brown spots, plus a loss of firmness and your skin's natural collagen. UVB rays are the burning rays you feel when the unfiltered sun is most intense, but UVA rays are sneakier and can penetrate through clouds and car windows, affecting you at a cellular level.
It can get pretty ugly, but the good news is: You don't need to hide away and never see the sun again. Go out and get your daily dose of Vitamin D and serotonin, just do it responsibly. Translation for the kids in the back: cover up and apply full-spectrum sunscreen to your face every day.

Pore-fect Protection

Don't just slather on any creamy liquid that fell off a banana boat. As your self-appointed Fairy Godmother in Skin Care, I'm here to tell you that many SPF products will clog your pores, cause breakouts, and leave your face feeling chalky or greasy.

Creme de Soleil SPF 30 hydrates and defends from UVA/UVB rays in a lightweight formula. Wear this SPF Moisturizer daily to protect your skin without leaving your face a slick mess. Our clients with oily skin love it!

Your Magic Potion

There is no antidote to fully reverse existing damage, but Radiant Vital C SPF 30 comes close. Along with the full-spectrum protection of Zinc Oxide, this formula contains Advanced Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to help repair cells and reduce inflammation. The effects are increased elasticity, firmness, and hydration. 

Did we mention both of our SPF formulas can be used in place of your daytime moisturizer? Sweet!

Luscious Lips

Finally, don't forget to protect your pucker, just in case you're waiting for your real prince or princess to arrive. Coco Lips SPF 15 is perfect for wearing alone or underneath your favorite lip color. Organic ingredients soothe and moisturize with a hint of coconut flavor. Enjoy!

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